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Alpha Inferno PVT LTD is an information technology company providing cyber security solutions, web application penetration testing services to different renowned companies all around the globe with our experienced security analysts. Make your website/application totally secure by our experienced security analysts.

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Husnain Iqbal


CEO and founder of Alpha Inferno PVT LTD.

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Our Web Application Penetration Testing Services Makes Your Website Completely Secure Which Allows You To Provide Best Security To Your Customers

Web Application Penetration Testing

We will provide complete web application penetration testing services on your whole web application in order to ensure its safety from cyber attacks. Our expert penetration testers will analyse all aspects/endpoints of your web app to help you fix/mitigate the security weaknesses in your web application.













Complete Asset Protection
Automated Client-side Attack Surface Management
Client-side security
Server-side security
JavaScript data access insights instantly
Client-side attack surface mapping
Keylogger and malware presence
Number and details of script actions
Scripts with known vulnerabilities and remediation advice
Number of malicious hosts exfiltrating data along with telemetry to block them
Obfuscated code to investigate
Third-party JavaScript security issues
Data exfiltration and location
Client-side cyber threat intelligence
Protect customer data to achieve privacy and compliance
Recent code changes
Active data trackers (e.g. digital ads)
Active data collection forms
All data input ingestion points

Secure Network And Malware Detection

We will analyze your network and detect the malware execution. We will identify malware to be executed on your network and onto your customers. After identification we will mitigate and block the malware like ransomware, DNS data data exfiltration, and advanced zero-day attacks for users. Alpha Inferno security analysts will improve your security posture by reducing the risk of malware on your network and onto your customers/users.










Network scanning
Vulnerability scanning
Password cracking
Log review and analysis
File integrity checking
Malware detection
Remote Code Execution Detection
Server Side Request Forgery
Cross Site Scripting Attacks
Cross Site Request Forgery Techniques
Email Verification Mechanisms
Token Procedures
Python Tools Check

Vulnerabilities Tests/Management

SQL Injection
Command Injection
Html Injection
Cross Site Scripting Attacks
Remote Code Execution
Load File Inclusion
Directory Listing
Host Header Poisoning
Http Parameter Pollution
CRLF injection
Server Hijack
Server Access
Website Admin Takeover
XXE Injection
Authentication Bypass
Forced browsing
Session management
Session Fixation Attacks

Make Your Business Completely Reliable And Secure

Alpha Inferno is a trusted web application penetration testing service provider with cyber security professionals/analysts for more than 17000 organizations in 90+ countries

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Thinking Alpha Inferno, verified driven research, and Penetration testing help you make the right decisions!

Trusted By The World's Best Organizations

Professional Penetration testing, making world secure

Alpha inferno information security services and proprietary security management tools are certified as reliable and effective by the companies focusing on business cybersecurity. Our services are essentially provided by the certified professionals and cyber engineers vastly experienced in information security. 

  • Delivered in more than 450,000 client’s interactions
  • Provided by experts to help challenge critical activities
  • Complemented with peer perspectives and advice
Bugs Found
Website Tested
Satisfied Clients We Have Served Globally
Years Of Experience

Ensure High Availability of Your Services

Affordable Price

We give our services at affordable price

High Technology

using best tools and techonlogy we provide best security to our clients

Easy solutions for all difficult Security problems, keep your business safe & ensure high availability.

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Basic Package

Per Vulnerability
$ 300
  • Low Impact Vulnerabilities
  • Meduim Impact Vulnerabilities
  • High Impact Vulnerabilities
  • Critical Impact Vulnerabilities

Bronze Package

Per Vulnerability
$ 600
  • Only Critical Vulnerabilities
  • Indirect Object Reference Vulnerabilities
  • Account Takeover Vulnerabilities
  • Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities
  • Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities
  • Blind XSS

Silver Package

Complete Pentest Of Website/Application
  • All Endpoints Vulnerabilities
  • All Critical To Low Vulnerabilities Found In An Application
  • Server Side Vulnerabilities/Tests
  • Complete Application Security Guarantee
  • Each And Everything Of Application Will Be Tested
  • 100 % Security Of Website/Application

Gold Package

Monthly Vulnerabilities
  • Daily Scans/Daily Vulnerabilities
  • Total Website Security Tests
  • Each Month Vulnerabilities PDF will be sent to you
  • Daily Scans/Vulnerabilities Analysis
  • Daily Vulnerability Reports
  • Daily Tests
  • Month Based Scans/Reports
  • All Critical To Low Vulnerabilities On Daily Basis
  • Complete Monthly Package

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